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Track Attendance on Any Device

  • Save yourself time and effort by instantly tracking student attendance with every online login, with no need for extra hardware or special permissions. 
  • For in-class attendance, the WiFi Detection option flags students who have logged in from home.
  • Students who are flagged as absent will not receive credit unless you approve.
  • Use a Join Code for added security or for distance learning. New join codes are generated for each session and can be reset anytime throughout the class. 




Increase Student Participation 

  • Get every student involved in the lesson with multiple-choice, numeric, and open response questions types.
  • Instantly analyze student responses with insightful histograms and word clouds.
  • Leave feedback on each question and/or answer choice to help students understand why they missed a question, and what they should do to study.
  • Run Squarecap questions directly from the site or from your presentation using our PPT widget.



Promote Active Learning 

  • Address gaps in student knowledge through a student-generated Ask & Vote discussion forum.
  • Encourage regular student contribution.
  • Students feel free to ask questions without interrupting the class or fear of embarrassment from their peers. 
  • Students view posts anonymously and vote on questions they agree with or reply to their peers to help (teachers can reveal student names if needed).
  • Use the Ask and Vote in real-time to help guide discussions or view after class to plan student review sessions.



Identify Areas of Misunderstanding

  • Create your own seat map and allow students to report where they are sitting at the beginning of each class. 
  • View your seat map at any time to know where your students are sitting and see a bird's eye view of the classroom.
  • Click on a student's picture to view their name and responses for additional instructional opportunities.
  • Seat Map data can be shared with contact tracers after class to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Group Students for Peer Instruction

  • Add a seat map to your course to automatically group students at any time for peer instruction
  • Squarecap will notify students exactly who they have been paired with, with a location prompt of where to find them and a picture if applicable.
  • Use at the beginning of a question to encourage collaboration
  • Group students after a question has been asked to pair struggling students with those who are on target.

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"Integrating Squarecap into my class was practically seamless, and I saw the benefits of using it right away.  Squarecap not only allows me to track the progress of my students in real-time, but it also makes them feel more engaged with the content, whether it’s working on questions in small groups or self-assessing their own understanding of the material.”

Kristin E Harvey, Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Austin

“The CEO and rest of the team have remained open to receiving feedback throughout the years and take immediate action to improve the experience for every customer.”
Katie Pritchett

Katie Pritchett, Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Austin

Because I use a Squarecap question at the beginning of every class meeting to asses whether students read or watched their assigned class materials, student participation in class discussions has risen significantly.

Debra Law, Ph.D. 
Texas State University

The class was able to actively participate in a multi-step problem, broken down to small components that the professor would correct any errors along the way. It made complex problems doable.

Nicholas | Civil Engineering Student
San Angelo State University

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