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Track Attendance with Ease

Squarecap encourages students to come to class every day by automatically tracking attendance, utilizing dynamic seat maps, and flagging students who are not physically in the room.

Encourage Active Learning

Squarecap makes it easy for faculty to engage students with comprehension checks throughout the lesson, group students for peer instruction, and address gaps in student knowledge through a live Ask and Vote.

Provide Personalized Feedback

Students receive question-by-question feedback on each response while teachers gain insight into classroom-wide and individual student performance.

Teaching Tips from our Experts

Online Teaching Made Easy with Zoom and Squarecap

With schools closing across the nation due to COVID-19, millions of students are staying at home and will be required to attend classes online indefinitely. A recent New York Times article warns that most teachers are not fully prepared to transition to online teaching.

Luckily, there are easy ways to transition from face-to-face to online teaching with modern technology like Zoom, which is supported by many institutions, and Squarecap, which has granted free access for all new students until July 1st. 


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Squarecap Opens Access for All COVID-19 School Closures

With the spread of COVID-19 causing schools to cancel in-person classes for the semester, Squarecap is committed to helping both teachers and students achieve success and has decided to make our platform available free-of-charge for any classes transitioning to online learning that need to adopt our tool mid-semester.

This extended access will run through July 1st and will include all available features at zero cost to students. Squarecap is a valuable tool for taking attendance, asking questions and allowing students to post their questions in a semi-anonymous forum. Squarecap can also be paired with other platforms such as Zoom or WebEx to create a two-way line of communication that can be monitored and easily exported to existing learning management systems such as Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle.

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Using Squarecap to Enable Online Learning: 5 Things to Consider

With the spread of COVID-19 causing schools to cancel in-person classes for the semester, teachers should start planning necessary steps so that the transition to online education can happen as smoothly as possible. There are many online teaching tools available to conduct your classes, but only few for engaging and interacting with the students. Squarecap is a valuable tool for taking attendance, asking questions, and allowing students to post their questions, all online.  Here are a few points to consider as you are making necessary preparations for this change:

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