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Track Attendance with Ease

Squarecap encourages students to come to class every day by automatically tracking attendance, utilizing dynamic seat maps, and flagging students who are not physically in the room.

Encourage Active Learning

Squarecap makes it easy for faculty to engage students with comprehension checks throughout the lesson, group students for peer instruction, and address gaps in student knowledge through a live Ask and Vote.

Provide Personalized Feedback

Students receive question-by-question feedback on each response while teachers gain insight into classroom-wide and individual student performance.

Teaching Tips from our Experts

3 Proven Techniques to Increase Student Success During Your Lecture

While the term “lecture” can have a negative connotation in many educational circles, it remains an effective and efficient way to transmit knowledge from one expert to a room full of students within the confines of a one hour period. Luckily, the traditional lecture format is evolving to include a few techniques that can maximize the amount of content retained and increase the attention span of the modern student.

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5 Easy Ways to Flip Your Class and Engage Your Students with Squarecap

Flipped classroom models are designed to engage students in higher-level learning activities during class while assigning the lower-level activities as pre-class homework.

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Teacher Spotlight: How I Use Squarecap For Attendance, Participation, And Homework

Dennis Passovoy—Department of Management at the Red McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

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