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Leveraging Technology to Achieve Teaching Goals

Introducing Randomized Answer Choices and Open Questions | Squarecap

Squarecap is dedicated to developing features that our teachers need to successfully engage their students in class.  Due to popular request, we have added a new feature that prevents over-the-shoulder cheating by randomizing the order of open questions and multiple choice answers.

Teachers can choose to enable this new feature from either the Default Settings menu or from within a specific session.  More instructions here.

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3 Reasons Students Don't Ask Questions in Class | Squarecap

"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand."                  ~Chinese Proverb

Many instructors strive to create an interactive atmosphere in which students can participate in thoughtful two-way discussions that challenge thinking on both sides. However, when the lecture hall is filled with students of different ages and abilities, this 

goal can be almost impossible to achieve. It's easy to say, "Raise your hand if you don't understand," but there are many reasons why a student might not want to do this in a room full of peers.

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9 Ways Technology Improves Learning in the Classroom | Squarecap

While some may have previously viewed technology in the classroom as a distraction, recent studies indicate that the integration of specific EdTech tools can both close achievement gaps and improve learning, particularly with students that are at risk of dropping out.

According to a 2014 study by the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education(SCOPE), 56% of teachers in high-poverty schools indicated that a lack of access to technology was a challenge in their classroom. Multimedia, particularly through a combination of multiple-choice and essay-based questions throughout lecture, can improve student retention over time.

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Squarecap Is a Game Changer in My Flipped Classroom

Reposted with permission from Teach The Mechanism

Years ago, I switched to teaching a flipped classroom and using a classroom response system (aka CRS or clickers). In this format, my students are assigned to read about a dozen pages from the textbook before coming to class. At the start of class, I assign a problem to solve that is based on the reading, and students work individually and submit their answers using clickers. If most of the class answers correctly, we immediately go over the solution. But if a substantial portion of the class answers incorrectly, then I do a “round 2.” In round 2, students discuss the problem in small groups and then resubmit their answers. About every 10 minutes, we repeat the process with another clicker question.

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Why We Developed Squarecap

Throughout my past 27 years of teaching, I have seen thousands of students come to the university with dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, scientists, or other professionals. There have been multiple occasions where students have worked two jobs to make ends meet. Some started their degree as first-generation students, while others struggled to overcome gaps in content knowledge. Many students often visited my office to learn the skills they needed to succeed in biology and other classes. Overall, I have not met a single student who did not want to succeed in their classes and to finish their college degree.

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