9 Ways Technology Improves Learning in the Classroom

by Squarecap Staff, on Jan 15, 2020 12:31:29 PM

While some may have previously viewed technology in the classroom as a distraction, recent studies indicate that the integration of specific EdTech tools can both close achievement gaps and improve learning, particularly with students that are at risk of dropping out.

According to a 2014 study by the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education(SCOPE), 56% of teachers in high-poverty schools indicated that a lack of access to technology was a challenge in their classroom. Multimedia, particularly through a combination of multiple-choice and essay-based questions throughout lecture, can improve student retention over time.

shutterstock_1130068580-1"Significant gains in achievement and engagement can occur for underserved students in learning environments characterized by computer use that engages students in interactive learning that offers multiple representations of ideas and realtime digital feedback."

This report strongly cautions against the replacement of teachers in the classroom with the “drill and kill” approach in which students are given class material and repeatedly drilled via computer.

Rather, an integrated approach in which students are taught material throughout the class and periodically assessed for attendance and retention is proven to be a more effective method of learning when compared to traditional models.

This study also explores several methods in which technology can improve learning, particularly:

1.Mastery of basic skills

2. Promote higher-order skills

3.Remediation of skills

4.Promote technological literacies

5.Promote skill development

6.Influence learner behavior

7.Exploration of student interests

8.Pursuit and improvement of student relationships

9.Interactive simulation/games

In summary, technological tools can improve student learning by supplementing instruction with multiple-choice, numerical, and essay questions. Squarecap is an excellent example of one such tool and is highly regarded by professors at over 60 universities, including the The University of Texas at Austin.

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