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Squarecap is the easiest way to track attendance, encourage participation, and provide students with immediate feedback in class.

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Engage Your Students on Any Device

Students can access Squarecap from any web-capable device or can download the app on their phone.  Students are never required to purchase an additional remote.



Attendance Made Simple

Motivate students to attend every class session and flag students who log in from home. 

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Personalized Seat Maps

Teachers can quickly create a map of their classroom to view how the class is performing as a whole, and automatically group students for class discussions and peer instruction.

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Proven Success

Squarecap was created by an award-winning professor to provide the in-class engagement support that today's students need. Squarecap's interactive features have been proven to support student success.


Teaching Tips From Our Experts

How to Use Your iPhone as a Document Camera in Zoom_small-1

How to Use Your iPhone as a Document Camera in Zoom

K. Sata Sathasivan, Ph.D.

The transition to online teaching has prompted many teachers to learn new methods for delivering lessons to their students from home offices with limited resources.  The inability to write or draw on a chalkboard can make it harder to explain difficult concepts to students from a distance. Luckily some simple solutions can be implemented to increase the effectiveness of your online lessons and increase student success.


Online Teaching Made Easy with Zoom and Squarecap_small

Online Teaching Made Easy with Zoom and Squarecap

K. Sata Sathasivan, Ph.D.

With schools closing across the nation due to COVID-19, millions of students are staying at home and will be required to attend classes online indefinitely. Luckily, there are easy ways to transition from face-to-face to online teaching with modern technology like Zoom, which is supported by many institutions, and Squarecap, which has granted free access for all new students until July 1st. 


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Squarecap Opens Access for All COVID-19 School Closures

Sarathi Sathasivan, Co-Founder & CEO of Squarecap Inc.

With the spread of COVID-19 causing schools to cancel in-person classes for the semester, Squarecap is committed to helping both teachers and students achieve success and has decided to make our platform available free-of-charge for any classes transitioning to online learning that need to adopt our tool mid-semester.


Using Squarecap to Enable Online Learning: 5 Things to Consider

Using Squarecap to Enable Online Learning

Squarecap Staff

With the spread of COVID-19 causing schools to cancel in-person classes for the semester, teachers should start planning necessary steps so that the transition to online education can happen as smoothly as possible. There are many online teaching tools available to conduct your classes, but only a few for engaging and interacting with the students. Squarecap is a valuable tool for taking attendance, asking questions and allowing students to post their questions, all online.  Here are a few points to consider as you are making necessary preparations for this change:


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Bundle and Save

Squarecap partners with textbook publishers to benefit teachers and students.  Access complete question banks and bundle Squarecap with your textbooks to save your students money. 

W.W. Norton

W. W. Norton & Company is an employee-owned publisher in the United States, with 400 books annually through its trade, college, and professional departments.

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Cengage leads affordable learning: digital learning platforms, college textbooks, ebooks, and an unlimited subscription to over 22000 digital products for one price. 

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OpenStax is a nonprofit ed-tech initiative based at Rice University and has created peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks, which are available in free digital form.

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“My classroom operates as a blended model – incorporating mini-lectures in conjunction with problem-solving.  Squarecap has been critical to the success of this method. This is such a powerful learning tool!"

Gail Grabner, Ph.D. | The University of Texas at Austin

Trusted by Universities Across the Nation

Squarecap supports integration with every major LMS with single sign-on, roster syncing, and automatic grade upload functionality.

The University of Texas
Florida State University
Texas A&M University
University of Central Florida
The University of Alabama
Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
Texas State University
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